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The first drops of monsoon rain are a welcome sight after the scorching heat and misery of the summer. The clouds are moving in time with the rain, and the air is heavy with the scent of petrichor. The monsoons might be a hassle, but there’s nothing like a nice cup of coffee and some munchies under the covers to make you forget how much pain home repairs can be.

The monsoons are neither glamorous nor ideal when it comes to maintaining the inside and outside of your property.

When there is always moisture in the air, it may be difficult to maintain a tidy and dry house.

We have compiled a comprehensive home maintenance checklist to help you stay dry and comfortable in your house throughout the next rainy season.

Make sure to fix all the cracks and leakages in your home for monsoon home maintenance.

Walls that have been painted or wallpapered will most likely swell if they have even the tiniest flaws or leaks in them. Before the beginning of the monsoon season, it is essential to do a thorough inspection of the roof to look for any cracks, leaks, or other types of damage.

Spread a carpet out on your floor to prevent falls in case your floors are slippery.

During the monsoon season, one of the places of the house that is the most vulnerable to damage is the foyer, often known as the entrance. It stores all of your soiled shoes, trench coats, and umbrellas that are dripping with water. In order to prevent any accidents during the monsoon season, it is essential to keep this area maintained.

Preventing water damage on your balcony.

Do you like to spend time on the balcony, maybe because you have a home office set up there or because you have a nice place to sit and relax? If you said yes, then we know the monsoon is a terrible time for you.

To keep your books safe from the monsoons, take extra precautions with your bookshelves.

If you are a bookworm with a large library, you should prioritise the safety of your library during the rainy season. Once the pages of your prized books have absorbed moisture or become damp, the damage is permanent and may even be tragic.

Construct an indoor playground to keep your children from going outside.

It’s hard to keep kids inside during the monsoons since they adore playing in the rain. However, as a parent, you should keep them from going outdoors to avoid exposing them to disease and your house to filth and dirt. One way to achieve this is to put up some exciting indoor games for your children to play. Indoor climbing structures and basketball hoops are great ways to get your kids moving and having fun.

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