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It’s time to give your living room a makeover, as mid-2023 design forecasts call for a more varied and swoon-worthy aesthetic.

Modern, elegant and tasteful new interior design trends emerge annually. These developments seek to improve the practicality of our dwellings while also expressing our individuality.

Living rooms, however, have seen a number of exciting new ideas emerge in recent years, whereas other rooms may not be updated as often. This year is no exception. Home interior designers at Elemantra predict that your house will be the envy of the neighbourhood with these 2023 living room trends.

Having doubts? If you want to know what you absolutely need to have in your living room in 2023, keep reading.

#Trend 1: A Vivid Colour Palette

This year, chrome yellow, bluish grey, rust red and grey blues will replace earthy tones and neutrals. Expert home interior designers recommend adding a strong flash of colour to a pastel or neutral living room for individuals who don’t want to explore.

In a light-coloured living room, add brightly coloured furnishings, accessories, pillows and rugs.

#Trend 2: Open Layouts

We now have the right way to make houses appear larger without breaking the bank. To create a larger area, interior designers recommend open layouts.

No wall should separate the living room from the kitchen or dining room. Professional home interior designers recommend a semi-open design with partitions to divide the living space as required.

A wooden beam divider and elaborate white jali door will beautifully separate the living room from the kitchen and dining area.

#Trend 3: A Traditional Flicker

We’re drawn to classic styles that evoke our rural houses. Everyone wants contemporary, vintage furniture.

Living room interior design ideas include curved furniture with classic motifs. Traditional designs will decorate upholstery and diwan bedsheets.

Living room couches will now match traditional jhoolas. In 2023, home interior designers will prioritise sustainability. This makes wooden furniture popular. Cane and wicker hanging lights will also be popular.

#Trend 4: Nature-Inspired Prints

In 2022, biophilic prints were popular because people sought nature in their houses. This living room design style will continue in 2023.

Wallpapers will have vivid flower designs to match living room colour trends. Ace home interior designers recommend minimal-textured living room wallpapers. To avoid thick textures, use light pieces.

#Trend 5: Foldable and Multifunctional Furniture

Not everyone can afford large living spaces. Our furniture demands are growing. Thus, 2023 living room trends favour multifunctional furniture.

For instance, crockery units that open to become breakfast tables or a murphy bed and couch that can be stretched or retracted to save room when not in use.

The TV unit in the living room downstairs has concealed storage. In 2023, folding living room furniture will also be popular. This modular TV cabinet doubles as storage and adds style to your living area.

Final Words

The list above covers living room wallpaper, furniture and wall colours. Book a free consultation with our professional home interior designers at Elemantra to learn which of these trends would work for your house.

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