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French maison

Designed by Manvi Vakharia Designs and executed by Elemantra, this family home is spun in absolute French elegance. With modern sensibilities and French moulding at the forefront, one can truly experience a wonderful sense of depth and expansiveness.

French Maison
French moulding design
French dining room
French living room design
Bedroom interior design

Second home

Welcome to our project, Second Home.
Designed by spaces eleven and executed by Elemantra, this weekend home balances light and shadow at different times of the day on a tightrope of modernity and minimalism. Contemporary in theme, each room is designed to have its own character while ensuring the house stays homogeneous.

Second home interior desing
Secong home interior design
Interior Design Company
Living room interior design
Second home living room design

Haswani residence

Welcome to our project, The Haswani Residence.
Designed by Sapna Jain and executed by Elemantra, this residence welcomes visitors with bespoke design and pure luxury. With a flourish of vibrant colours, bold marble and decadent lumber blending seamlessly to provide an unmatched attention to detail.

Second home bedroom design
Bathroom Inerior design
Haswani Residence
Haswani residence living room
Haswani Residence
Haswani Residence living room

Kothari residence

Welcome to our project, The Kothari Residence.
Designed by Manvi Vakharia and executed by Elemantra, this residence started its design journey with a simple request. “It must be timeless, bold and elegant”. A pop of crimson, an earthy palette, metallic finishes, monochromatic flourishes, gold accents and more later, we fulfilled their request tO a T

Kothari Residence
Kothari Residence Bathroom design
Bathroom Design
Kothari Living room design
Bedroom design
Kothari bedrrom interior

The show flat

This project is a compact 2BHK apartment located in the suburbs of Mumbai. Vibrant rooms, cosy living spaces, and a pale pastel kitchen create the perfect vibe to showcase the sample flat of a real estate developer.

Show Flat
Cosy living spaces
Vibrant rooms
Pale pastel kitchen
Flats interior design
Show flat interiors

Sunvision solitaire

Welcome to our project, Sunvision Solitare.Designed by studio flur and executed by Elemantra,this residence has a mix of modern pieces and antiques which brings a dynamic look to the space! It is all about “Neat lines and elegant vibes”

Sunvision Solitire
Dynamic look interior
Modern pieces and antiques
Bedroom design
Home interior designers
Best residential interior designers

Milestone Eximp Pvt Ltd

Welcome to our project, Milestone Eximp Pvt Ltd.
Designed by boolean design studio and executed by Elemantra, this office uses a calculated focus on colour, texture and material.
We see that:
The reception area showcases functionality via a postmodern aesthetic dipped in contrasting colours.
The pantry area sports a prominent partition to display the duality of themes along side a concrete texture to
imbibe rawness.
The director’s cabin provides a spacious setting steeped in a combination of high-quality veneer and corian furniture elements.
The conference room is perfectly balanced through a pivot door and mullions, all in a classic wood design.

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Ministry of dance pune

Welcome to our project, Ministry of Dance_pune
Designed by boolean design studio and executed by Elemantra, this 50 year old restaurant was perfectly cooked into a resto bar with an eatery, cafe, fine dining and a dance bar serving as the key ingredients for day and night respectively. With community dining, lounge, booth and bar seating topping the location as its signature seasoning.

Ministry of Dance Pune
Community dining
Restaurant Interior
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ML spaces

Welcome to our project, ML Spaces.
Designed by studio_flur and executed by Elemantra, this workspace welcomes you to neat lines and abundant daylight along with idyllic views of the city. Minimal but mesmerising, we married efficient space allocation, functionality and design to showcase a space steeped in a spacious sense of elegance.

ML Spaces
Commercial interior design consultants
Best commercial interior design firms
Workspace Interior
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